FGXPress PowerStrips


Far Infrared

This is what gives PowerStrips™ it's healing power. There is Organic Germanium built into each strip that has been formulated to absorb the body's natural energy waves and convert them back to Far infrared rays that are directed back into the body through the patch .This is an amazing piece of technology because these Infrared rays act as a delivery mechanism that provide instant absorption ok key herbs infrared also allows for propagation of more blood, more oxygen to the blood, and most importantly allows the cells to export metabolic waste and "heal" themselves faster. Click here for a Video explanation.


Korean Red Ginseng

The benefits of Korean Red Ginseng are well studied and provide a key relationship in helping to mitigate and manage pain. This herb has also shown to improve memory, improve immune system function, helps to manage stress and provide relaxation, and it also helps with liver function, immune spots, and can even normalize blood pressure. The list goes on and on with regular use and Red Ginseng is considered by many to be one of this "miracle herbs" everyone should be using. Click Here for a video explanation.


Marine Phytoplankton

Another key element is a revolutionary Superfood called Marine Phytoplankton. It contains hundreds of different carotenoids, minerals, amino acids and nutrients and is considered to be a "complete source of nutrition." FGXpress has created a proprietary blend (nobody else has or can copy) that provides incredible benefits shown to boost the immune system, elevate mood, and increase the overall sense of well being. Click here for a video Explanation



Water Soluble Adhesive

PowerStrips™ have a patented water soluble adhesive that is very cutting-edge so it stays on anywhere you place it. This adhesive is designed for sensitive skin so there are no irritations, and you can count on the patch staying on during activities.



The last element that makes up PowerStrips™ is Silver. Silver has been used for hundreds of years as an anti-microbial to fight bacteria and protect against infection. By adding Silver to the blend of herbs and delivering it through the Far Infrared it provides a key ingredient to helping the patch work even better! Click here for a video Explanation




                        Cost                                                                                                               $7.95/strip in the clinic


Can also be purchased through http://globalwellness.fgxpress.com at a discounted price