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How Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment Works

When undergoing a laser toenail fungus treatment, the laser technician will apply a directed focused light source on to a toe that is infected. The laser toenail fungus treatment will target the fungal infection in the toenail and the area below called the toenail matrix. Laser toenail fungus treatment will destroy the fungal infection because the toenail is dead cells. The specific wavelength of the laser toenail fungus treatment targets only the living fungi.


State of the Art Laser Technology for Toenail Fungus Removal

Laser Health Centre uses the top of the line, state of the art lasers to remove toenail fungus. These revolutionary lasers can treat toenail fungus in as little as ONE treatment with an 80% success rate as shown in clinical studies. The laser works by gently penetrating the nail painlessly, going straight to the fungus and killing it.




















What is Toenail Fungus?

Fungal infections are very common on both fingernail and toenails. It is a living organism that thrives in dark, damp environments such as under and around nails. Toes are more likely to be affected by fungus since it is attracted to a dark and damp environment which is more common on the foot than on the hand. People who sweat in their shoes for long periods of time are prone to develop toenail fungus.

In more severe conditions, affected nails can have a yellowish or brownish discoloration. They may thicken or become brittle over time, and may even shed. Sometimes the nails have crumbling edges. It can be embarrassing, unsightly, disfiguring, and at times, painful.The nail itself provides a protective covering that allows the fungus to grow underneath. An accumulation of keratinous debris is usually found beneath the free edge of the infected nail. LHC uses a diode laser designed for Toenail Fungus. The 1032 nm wave length laser penetrates the protective covering of the nail and kills the fungus living underneath without pain or discomfort.

Other names for toenail fungus are: Onychomycosis of the nail plate, and Tinea of the nails. There are internal medications available as prescriptions such as Itraconzole, Fluconazole, Griseofulvin and Terfinabine. These medications have been shown to sometimes have side effects such as upset stomach, headaches, and liver damage. Mixing these oral medications with some other drugs can be extremely dangerous, this is a powerful reason why they are available by prescription only. 

It is important to realize that any toenail fungus cure takes time and then still more time until complete new toenail is grown. 


Or you can have ONE painless Laser Toenail Treatment at Laser Health Centre without any side effects.


How to avoid Toe Fungus?

Toenail and athlete's foot fungi like to grow in warm, moist areas, which include public areas such as spas, nail salons, swimming pools, locker rooms, or showers. For short periods of time it can live in warm puddles on tile floors, awaiting someone to step in and pick up the spores. If you can wear sandals, water shoes, or swimming booties they would help in keeping your feet from touching the floor directly. Some public swimming pool areas have small wade-through pools which help to keep the toenail and athlete's foot fungi in check. After your session at the pool or other public area, wash your feet thoroughly and dry them well.


Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment

Generally there are no health or age restrictions with laser toenail fungus treatments. ***We do not diagnose, cut or debribe toenails***

• Wear natural cotton socks, change them daily

Post Treatment Instructions:

• Treat all your shoes with anti-fungal spray immediately after your treatment and at least once per week thereafter. Make this part of your healthcare routine.

• It’s important the nails and skin of the treated area(s) are kept clean and dry, especially after sports or activities involving water or moisture.• Washing socks, sheets, and shoes with bleach will kill the fungus and mold .

• Nails grow at the rate of 1-1.5mm per month. It may take 6 to 9 months to see new clean nail growth.

• Wear only clean socks

• Clean your household surfaces with an anti-bacterial disinfectant immediately after your treatment

• If you shower anywhere outside of your own home (e.g. the gym), wear properly treated flip-flops or sandals AND disinfect those after each use• These suggestions will almost certainly keep nail fungus a thing in your past. However, your environment may promote the recurrence of nail fungus even if you take every possible precaution.

• Normal activities can be resumed immediately after treatment and nail polishes can be applied.





***Laser Health Centre does not diagnose medical problems. This treatment is purely topical. We do not clip or file. Please come prepared***

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