Stop Smoking Today!

Smoking Cessation (Nicotine Addiction)


   The addiction to cigarettes has been compared to the dependency of cocaine and heroin. Over the years there has been many stop or quit smoking programs with varied results. Most of these programs, including the “gum” and the “patch”, have been drug (nicotine) based. Common sense dictates that replacing an addictive substance with another addictive substance is not an effective form of treatment.

Laser Health Centres program includes a two sided approach. We deal with both the physical and psychological sides of the addiction. First we deal with the physical side , the nasty withdrawl symptoms of the drug.

The Physical Side: The laser therapist uses a soft laser to target energy points on the body. Focusing the laser beam on these areas causes the body to release natural chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins have a calming, relaxing effect on the body that helps to reduce nicotine craving and withdrawal symptoms. Some clients report a feeling a euphoria following a smoking cessation treatment with the laser. In addition to stimulating an endorphin release, the laser stimulates the body's natural ability to detoxify the nicotine, getting the ex-smoker through the nicotine withdrawal more quickly.

The Psychological Side: The therapist will educate and counsel you on techniques, tips and helpful hints on how to beat the psychological issues. We will discuss the differneces between physical and psychological craving, how to break the habit, detox and supplements in order to succeed as a non-smoker.



Is Low Level Laser Therapy safe?
  Absolutely, Low Level Laser Therapy is completely safe, painless and drug-free. Certified Low Level Laser therapists use only approved proprietary protocols.


What part of the body is treated?
  Low Level Laser is applied to specific acupuncture or energy points located on the ears, nose, hands and feet. The actual points vary depending on the specific problem being treated .


How long does a Low Level Laser Therapy session take?
  A typical session takes between 45 and 60 minutes depending on each person's individual situation.


How effective is Low Level Laser Therapy to stop or quit smoking?
  Results are exceptionally high compared to alternative methods such as the nicotine patch, nicotine gum, anti depressant drugs, cold turkey, stop smoking pills or potions and hypnosis, etc.