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Substance Abuse


Drug and Alcohol Addiction


Since the dawn of time man has been trying to manipulate how he feels. The human experience is driven by pleasure. The trap of addictions is simple, the solution is very complex. Addiction to mood altering drugs which include drug and alcohol usually start in early adolescence, when by nature humans are excited to try anything that will bring about a high feeling or pleasure. We become trapped when the brain becomes dependent on the feel good response and demands more of the substance. The mind, because it is unable to control the physical need, develops addictive personality in order to live with the addiction.


At Laser Health Centre we believe the answer to combating drug and alcohol addiction is a multi-phase approach involving the following components:

  1. Relieving the physical need for the substance without using a drug

  2. Dealing with the psychological aspect in such a way that it ensures and an addiction free lifestyle. Laser Health does not user 12 step    programs; instead we use a more rational approach to recovery

  3. Supporting the body nutritionally to rid it of toxic chemicals and aid the body in repairing damage. LHC Laser Systems has developed a complete approach to resolving the issue of drug and alcohol addiction.


Over a decade of research and development has allowed us to create advanced therapies that promise to bring us through a new millennium of healthy living. Our technology involves a computerized low power laser which triggers the brain to produce its own opiates to overcome withdrawal and cravings. Behavior modification is used during and after the therapy to overcome the psychological dependency, and a nutritional program is designed to support the body as it heals.



Our multi-faceted and technologically advanced approach allows us to achieve one of the highest on-going success rates of all drug and alcohol programs.

For further information regarding the benefits of laser or to schedule an appointment please call our office at 604-799-0231

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