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The Laser Health Centre difference:


    The health professionals at LHC bring a wealth of physiological and psychological experience to the practice. They have been trained and certified by Alpha Life Style Systems, the founder of laser therapy in North America. Alpha Life Styles brings 20 years of experience pioneering and refining laser proticals and behaviour modification programs for a wide variety of conditions. They have a wide variety of experience in the US and in Canada and LHC is incredibly proud to have offered this system into the fraser valley for over 5 years.


   We don't just offer laser treatments, we first get to know you and then prepare a completely customized program for you. This can include laser therapy, behavioural modification, supplementary take home products to support lifestyle change, nutraceuticals to help nuetralize detox symtoms where appropriate. We follow up with you to ensure you are successful in your wellness plan and offer loads of free relevant information.

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